Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finishing up!

I want to complete this so I know I have covered at
least the basics for Web 2.0.

I downloaded itunes and had problems as I had
an older version on my computer. But I managed to
get some podcasts of Quirks and Quarks which is a
program I enjoy on a Saturday morning as well as some
audio from Harvard.

I then went on to the YouTube exercise and sent
a link to Dan.

I have, of course, heard a lot about YouTube so it
was about time that I signed up and watched something.
I looked at a number of videos including the Billy
Bob Thornton one that I had seen reference to
It can be found at

I think with this I have completed the exercises.
It was interesting and forced me to look at many
things I had heard about but never signed up for.

Many thanks to all those people who designed these
exercises and contributed to this project.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Browsers - Do I have the time??

I use IE so I am limited as to the browser add on I
can install.

I decided to install StumbleUpon and it is very interesting.
You outline a profile and every time you click the
StumbleUpon button a webpage is displayed. I
really like some of them; you can choose whether you
save a link or not and the software fine tunes
your profile based on your decisions.

But I could spend hours looking at great websites,
some I can say are work related I suppose. This is
a very tempting time waster with just enough "work"
justification to draw you in.

It takes up to 14 days to get unentangled from this
website! Also it adds yet another toolbar, soon
there won't be any space left for actual pages of content!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Social Networking time!

I have had a Facebook account for over a year but rarely
look at it

I have asked Fangmin to be my friend as he is the Group
Leader for me.

I have about 8 friends which is fine! I am a member of the
Library Group but I think there is a group or network for
Ryerson Faculty but I can't seem to find it.

I will have look at some of the other Social Networking
products on the list but I don't think this is really for me!

Google ++

Google docs is great - I was in the middle of editing a document
with a librarian at York University when I found out about this
and this made it much easier than sending e-mail versions back
and forth.

I will certainly make use of this in the future.

I have used Google Maps a lot but had not explored all the
features so it was good to learn more

And Google Earth is wonderful - especially with all the extras
people are adding

Friday, February 20, 2009

Reading material

It was fun doing LibraryThing and listing books

I still have some to add that I am in the process of
reading. I really need to finish some of them!

The Popular Reading collection is detrimental
to my finishing others as I keep seeing ones
I want to read as I leave the library. The latest
is Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots and Leaves with
its Panda joke. My punctuation could use some
fine tuning and I hope this will help


I can see the usefulness of in allowing you to
have access to your favourite sites quickly from any internet
connected commuter.

I can also see it being useful to connect to useful websites
from within Research Guides and the Social Science Data
part of MADAR. However I need to explore if you can
organize your bookmarks into subject folders or some
such thing or whether you would set up different links for each set of items.

Like most of the other products we have been introduced to,
it is very easy to use - as long as you keep track of your
id and password!